Series Results Metro

Metro Series overall results are based on the Metro Series points as allocated for entrants each week depending on their performance.

You can check out which course to run to gain points based on your age in the Metro Series 2017 - 2018 Rules.

2017 - 2018 Metro Series by class

All scores by course can be viewed in Eventor : Metro Series by Course - Point Scores but note that these standings will include people who do not qualify for overall awards where they have completed a different course to the one designated for their age group.

Results for each individual event can be found via the Event Results page or directly in Eventor.


Listed below are the current overall award standings for everyone who has completed two or more events. If your name does not appear, then it is because you have not competed on the designated course for your age category. These results are current up to and including the Ranford event (6th January 2018) and will be updated as available during the remainder of the series.


Category Position Name 1 Club Score (out of 800)
Open Men 1 Cameron Duncan WO 686
  2 Graeme Harris WO 666
  3 Hadrien Devillepoix KO 493
Open Women 1 Veronika Vavrova KO 475
  2 Vanessa Smith KO 467
  3 Jennifer Porter LO 368
Junior Men 1 Riley McFarlane BO 622
  2 Shaun Richards WO 392
  3 Mason Eves BO 246
Junior Women 1 Lily McFarlane BO 634
  2 Lucy Jarrett KO 465
  3 Sarah Richards WO 323
Open Women 1 Moreen Cox LO 523
  2 Daisy McCauley WO 508
  3 Eleanor Sansom BO 426
Veteran Men 1 Ron Marcus WO 777
  2 Rob West BO 736
  3 Andrew Martin WO 673
Sub-Junior Women 1 Kate Braid KO 170
Supervet Men 1 Ian Fletcher LO 595
  2 Nick Lethbridge WO 406
  3 Mike Howe LO 179
Supervet Women 1 Lois West BO 655
  2 Rosemary Kullmann LO 461
  3 Toni Frank BO 443
Veteran Women 1 Sharon McFarlane BO 585
  2 Jane Hardy WO 582
  3 Andrea Eves BO 578
Bike Men 1 Robert Pullella KO 777
  2 Ricky Thackray BO 500
  3 Richard Begley KO 487
Bike Women 1 Debbie McKay KO 478
  2 Natasha Sparg WO 191

The complete category results table and the Interclub trophy will be published at the completion of the 2017-2018 series.

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