WA Classic Two Day

Warranine bush event

Sunday 4th & Monday 5th June 2017

This two event is a popular and regular feature on the WA orienteering calendar and everyone is welcome. This is a two Day event with cumulative times used to decide the places over the two races. This year it will be held on a farmland area which has a mixture of bush, dense strands in part and open terrain which is generally fast running. Make a weekend of it and enjoy camping on Sunday evening.



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2018 WA Classic Weekend

PerFrazzleSueFrazzle Rock, near Beverley

Sunday 3rd & Monday 4th June 2018

Look forward to two challenging days of orienteering at Frazzle, first mapped for the Australian 3 Day event in 2011.
Sunday afternoon offers a middle distance style in bush with lots of open rock surfaces and a lot of rock detail, while


2017 Junior Camp

Junior TrainingThis year's camp will be held in Bullsbrook from 1 to 3 July.

The Junior Camp is Orienteering WA's major training camp of the year for 10-17 year old orienteers and is held over the July school holidays. Run by our accredited coaches the camp provides for a wide range of orienteering abilities.

This training camp is suitable for


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2018 Junior Camp

Junior TrainingThe 2018 Junior camp will be held in at Camp Kerem, Bullsbrook from Saturday 30th June till Monday 2nd July.

Registration is open until 15th June 2018

The Junior Camp is Orienteering WA's major training camp of the year for 10-17 year old orienteers and is held over the July school


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Hill Park Dale

farmmapSunday 9th July

Location: Hill Park Dale, near Beverly

The Hill Park Dale map is a favourite in the West Dale area. With a mixture of farmland and remnant forest with a liberal scattering of rock it always presents a challenge to the orienteer to navigate through or around the complex sections of rock.



Peterdine State League Event

PeterdineSunday 30th July

Location: Peterdine, near Northam

The Peterdine map is mostly on grazed farmland with rock detail but very little undergrowth so fast running is possible.  As this event is the Long Distance event for the State Orienteering League, if you want to be eligible for SOL points, ensure you enter in


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Frazzle Rock

PerFrazzleSueSunday 6th August

Location: Frazzle Rock 

Frazzle Rock has patches of intricate rock detail, large bare rock surfaces and remnant areas of native bush. The M, E and VE courses also go through open farm land.

Camping is possible at the assembly area on Saturday night.  The portable toilet will be


Yetar Spring State League Event

yetargrasstreescropSunday 20th August

Location: Yetar Spring, East of Sawyers Valley

Yetar Spring has lots of complex rocks and maybe some early wildflowers will be on view. A great reason to get outdoors and enjoy the bush close to Perth. This event is a Middle Distance event as part of the State Orienteering


Lover's Lane

Lovers Lane 4 1024x340Sunday 27th August

Location: Lover's Lane, West of Toodyay

The Lover’s Lane map is a familiar area just south of Toodyay. It contains a mixture of undulating farmland, relatively open woodland with a scattering of rocky areas and numerous small waterways. A most enjoyable location


Mallmalling Foot Event

MalmallingpromoSunday 10th September 2017

Location: Chambers Rd, Sawyers Valley,
off Gorrie Rd Sawyers Valley

Spring will have (hopefully) sprung for our second Malmalling visit of the season. It’s a typical WA Helena Valley area, with patches of good rock detail and a mix of terrain with some open bush


Middle Distance State Championship

lilymiddlepromoSaturday 16th September 2017

Location: Brigadoon, Jumbuck Hill
Walyunga National Park

Saturday afternoon head to Jumbuck Hill and enjoy a map that has been recently updated by Alex Tarr. Pre-entry start times are from 1.30pm with enter on the day also available.

There is quite the mixture


Long Distance State Championship

wayneSunday 17th September 2017

Location: Marginata, Yarra Road, near York

The WA Long Distance Championships returns to the familiar map of Marginata offering complex navigation with granite rock and a mixture of sheoak and wandoo forests.

This event is open to everyone and, while it is a championship, if you


Middle Distance State Championship 2018

lilymiddlepromoSaturday 22nd September 2018

Location: Jumbuck Hill, Bells Rapids,
Walyunga National Park

Not a jumbuck or a tucker bag will be in sight at the Jumbuck Hill Middle Distance Championships. Instead, there will be intricate courses with short legs, lots of changes in direction and ample navigational


Long Distance State Championship 2018

wayneSunday 23rd September 2018

Location: Ngangaguringguring, Flynn Road, east of Sawyers Valley

The WA Long Distance Championships returns to the familiar map of Ngangaguringguring offering complex navigation with a mixture of jarrah/marri and wandoo forests, with sheoak groves.

This event is open to everyone


Malmalling event

JaneBushshotSunday 7th May

For the first bush orienteering of the season we head back to the Helena Valley and onto the Malmalling map. With plenty of rock and abundant grass trees and few hills the area is an ideal return the bush. Much of the area offers good open runability as it was many years ago a farm which has left it without too much undergrowth. What


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