MetrO Series Event 12 Kent St Weir


Saturday 15th February, 2020

The Kent St Weir map comprises of a large, flat parkland area of Canning River Regional Park as well as the surrounding suburbia of Ferndale. It is a great area that hasn't been used for a while. The map has had significant updates done in preparation for this event from the hardworking duo of Hadrien and Ellie, so please come and enjoy the event they have prepared for you. It is suitable to prams, and dogs are welcome on a lead.

With only two more events left in the series this is one of your last chances to enjoy a MetrO outing. The assembly area is a lovely picnic area next to the river with a kids playground so why not bring some drinks and nibbles to enjoy post run.

These events are perfect for newcomers. Please come and join us if you'd like to try out our sport. We have people on hand to guide you through how to register on the day and a newcomer briefing available at 4:45pm to explain the basic information you need to know to get started. 

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Event Report: MetrO Series 11 Swanbourne

Saturday 8th February, 2020  SwanbourneKiddo2020

The Swanbourne MetrO event had good weather conditions and seemed to provide a rich variety of route choices in all the course lengths. Some orienteers opted for the flatter and more scenic but slightly longer route choice around Lake Claremont, with others choosing the more urban central Swanbourne. Many medium and long course participants tackled Allen Park and Melon Hill where there was a cluster of controls to be had but at the cost of some reasonably steep hills. It was wonderful seeing several newcomers, both children and adults, successfully complete the short and medium courses.

MetrO Series Event 10 Star Swamp

Saturday 1st FebruaryStar swamp add2020

North Beach Primary School, Groat Street, North Beach

The MetrO event will have controls in Star Swamp Reserve, which has some lovely footpaths running through the bushland. It also makes use of the Charles Riley Memorial Reserve where orienteers will traverse Rugby and Cricket fields. Then lastly there is the hilly suburban area which has recently been resurfaced and face-lifted. Here some views of the ocean can be enjoyed while navigating to controls. Prams are welcome, provided they can handle the compacted dirt tracks of Star Swamp.

The distances for the three courses are:
Long: approx. 7.6km
Middle: approx. 4.6km
Short: approx. 2.5km

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