Event Report: MetrO 3 Swan View

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Brown Park Recreation & Community Centre, Salisbury Road, Swan View

Seventy-four participants took part in the event at Swan View in rather hot conditions with competitors seeking the shade before the start. Fortunately, there was a cool breeze to welcome them back at the finish.

There were several controls along the Railway Heritage Trail that were included in possible route choices for both medium and long courses. Again, a junior runner was the fastest on the short course with Rohan Braid sprinting round in just 10:29. Nick Dale showed his form winning the medium course in 24:30.

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Event Report: MetrO 1 Mt Claremont

Saturday, 06 November 2021

Mt Claremont Primary School

The MetrO season has been ushered in with beautiful weather greeting us at the first event, which was held in Mt Claremont. There was a good turnout of 84 entries, including a few teams to bring the number of people running to ~90. It was pleasing to see quite a few new faces, including a number of kids.

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Event Report: MetrO 2 Burrendah

Saturday, 13 November 2021

Willetton Playgroup, 6 Kingfisher Loop, Willetton

Eighty nine participants attended the second MetrO event for the season on the Burrendah map. The area provided free flowing route choices around the streets and parklands of Willetton with the winning competitors completing their courses within the expected time frames. The map had not been used for some years so the setters made updates to many of the parks and playgrounds in the area but somehow managed to miss a “new” street in the northwest corner of the map – apologies to any runners who were disadvantaged by this omission. 

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