Event Report: MTBO 2 Thornlie

Sunday, 03 April 2022

John Okey Davis Park, Gosnells

Congratulations to all who took part in the MapRun6 event! We had over 50 riders (and we ran out of maps).
Congratulations to Hadrien Devillepoix who came in with the fastest time and visited all controls.
A big thank you goes to the setter, Robert Pullella. Special thanks to Jack and Sue Dowling for helping out with event planning and organisation on the day - greatly appreciated.

Feedback from most competitors was positive.
Unfortunately there were some minor teething issues using the new MapRun GPS based format.  We have learnt some lessons for the next time we use the format.
Some competitors were credited with extra points for visiting the same control twice (to be adjusted) against the headline score in the results section.  Duplicate controls are clearly indicated in the results section of the MapRun app.

You can also view the results on the MapRun page at the following link: MapRun Results ( There you will find all results and you can see who had extra controls and view each competitor's route (it can even be animated if you want to explore the features).
Where competitors have been to controls that did not register you can see how close they were and the results can be adjusted accordingly.
Some competitors had issues registering Control 6 so the individual route trace will show whether you found it. There was an issue at Control 15 because of railway works and a couple of competitors were frustrated by this anomaly - apologies from the setter.

Thanks everyone for participating. Overall it seems that everyone enjoyed that event and we look forward to seeing you at the next MTBO event in May.

Results are also available in Eventor and event photos are on the OWA Facebook page.

Photo: Simon finishing, taken by Sue Dowling

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