Event report: Bush 1 Mt Observation

Sunday, 01 May 2022

Mt Observation

A wet preceding week softened the ground and delayed DBCA’s plans to burn the northern end of Mt Observation, which allowed 94 people the opportunity to explore one of our less frequented maps. Originally mapped in the early 1990s, and last used in 2013, the map has held up surprisingly well – some of it was burnt last year which kept the undergrowth in check, the rock mapping is still quite credible, and the trail bikers haven’t discovered it. DBCA have even put in a toilet, which saved us towing one out there.

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Event report: ANZAC Day Long Weekend

Saturday 23rd - Monday 25th April

Bunbury region

Overall SWOT wishes to thank everyone that attended (an pre-entered!), especially those who traveled from Mandurah and Perth to support our events. We all know the hard work it takes to set up and run the events but it makes it all worthwhile when people come and enjoy the courses - so thank you!

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Event report: Manning Park casual bush event

Sunday, 10 April 2022

Manning Park, Spearwood

Manning Park presents some interesting options for the setter as it is not quite a bush event and bit more than a metro or sprint event. The flat area around the lake made for convenient courses for the E and VE and the abundant tracks on the hillsides and ridge made for choices for the harder courses. Control placement tended to be on the easier side of things on track junctions and other more distinct features. Courses where possible were designed to provide different route choices and challenges.

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