Lovers Lane Event Report

Lovers Lane 2018 Sacha finish 691x1024Sunday 16th September 2018

Lovers Lane, near Toodyay

After a cool start to the day Sunday turned out to be a beautiful spring day ideal for orienteering with plenty of people out giving orienteering a try for the first time. Plus, there were lots of regular orienteers taking advantage of one last run before the State Championships.

Grace Molloy from Scotland, at the start of a 6 month trip to Australia, took out the win on the H2 course while Henry McNulty, recently returned from studying in Norway took the honours on the H1 course.

Thanks go to Dave Pass and Wendy Hobley for setting and organising, Wendy and Heike Behrbohm for instructing, Cameron for registration and Vicky, Craig, Heike, Cameron, Ceri, Graham, Veronika, Cody, Luan and Andries for control collection.

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Marginata Event Report

Sunday 9th September 2018

Marginata 09Marginata, near York

What a great day for an orienteering event. After a week of showers, the sun came out and 100 people headed out for a tune up run ahead of the State Championship weekend in two weeks.
(Get your entry in this week for a wonderful weekend of Orienteering on the 22nd and 23rd September.)

The Marginata event was postponed in May when a prescribed burn went through the area a couple of days before the event. After good winter rains the map is now open, runnable and was a joy to visit with an absence of prickles over 90% of the map. Some fast times were recorded although some people came a bit unstuck with the many gullies and rock in full view causing some ‚Äúnavigational challenges‚ÄĚ. Ah well, more time to look for wildflowers.

Thanks to Richard Matthews & Nicole Davis for setting and Phil Taylor was Controller (although the change of date precluded his attendance as he was last sighted in Russia headed for the world cup!), Chas Lane and Philomena Humphries joined the setting team and assisting with the work to get set up for the event including all the control placement and setting.

Great team effort as organiser Philomena smoothly pulled the LOST team together with Jan and Ian Fletcher towing the caravan, Moreen Cox and Peter Gillon towing the toilet, Jan and Rosemary Kullmann on instruction, and many bakers providing delicious treats for the cake stall.

At the end of the event many hands helped with pack up and control collection included; Mike Howe, Ian Fletcher, Robert Greig, Anthea Feaver, Peter Standen, with Chas, Philomena and Richard.

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Gunapin Event Report

Braid Mud Play webSunday 2nd September 2018

Gunapin, near York

Perfect weather for Fathers and others who came to Gunapin farmland on Sunday. Some keen competition and close results seen on courses with lots of discussion on route choice following. There was also plenty of puddles around for jumping in and the string course was in action too.

Thanks to Rob and Lois for instruction, Phil for VE start, Jack for doing Organiser role and toilet towing, Jack, Phil and Penny for caravan packing, Sue for soup and cake stall management, Amy for finish pack up and Rachel, Craig, Liam, Penny, Phil, Paul, Jack, Simon, Rob, Lois for control collection

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