Event Report - Shelley MetrO 7

Saturday 9th JanuaryShelley2021

After a scorching week the weather cooled down somewhat to allow the Shelley event to go ahead with 72 competitors / groups participating.  The course was set by junior Kate Braid with good feedback from the short course competitors who noted that all first four finishes took different routes for their 7 controls. Duncan Sullivan was first finisher on the short course with Ken Brownlie second who was closely followed by his grandson Archie Brownlie in 3rd. First female finisher on the short course was Rosalie McCauley followed by Janet Fletcher and Amy Dufty.

For the medium course, winner of the female competition was Marlene Flett with Liam Dufty easily winning the male competition and was first overall for the medium course. Ricky Thackray won the long course and Rachel West was first in the female competition.

Event Report - Kingsley MetrO 6

Saturday 12th DecemberKingsley2020map

A fine afternoon with a cooling sea breeze saw 81 starters, including about 15 novices and a pleasing number of recent first-timers, gathered to explore the remnant bush of Shepherds Bush and the surrounding back-streets of Kingsley.

The map is the central east-west portion of the Kingsley map, centred on the major bicycle/pedestrian path known as Cattle Trail. Several roads that run across the map were made out-of-bounds for safety reasons and to constrain route choices for the longer courses, eliminating broad loop options and forcing consideration of out-and-back options.

Event Report - Cottesloe MetrO 5

Saturday 5th Decembercottmetro2020

Cottesloe proved to be a superb setting for this week’s Metro event with controls within the main suburb and in various nooks and crannies as well as along the beach front. One control on the groyne ended up being wave drenched due to the brisk wind giving runners a complimentary shower to avoid overheating!

The event commenced at the Civic Centre where an additional mini-sprint map added to the complexity of route planning.

The two controls at the end of sand paths onto the beach aimed at nudging runners into considering a beach run weren’t entirely popular and sensibly slower beach running seemed to be have been generally avoided. It was wonderful to see many newcomers for the run.

First runner in for the day was Duncan Sullivan, with in the male category Ken Brownlie storming in a little while later to be second closely followed by Rohan Braid. Jo Addy’s group came first in the female category then Susan Coleman and Amy Dufty.

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