Event Report: MetrO Series 10 Star Swamp

Saturday 1st February, 2020   StarSwamp2020 Swart

A beautiful cool sea breeze made for ideal conditions for the courses set by brothers Andries and Luan Swart. The map covered three different areas, with the prominent Star Swamp Reserve, then some hilly streets and also open running on the big oval complex. The courses were very well set and it seemed like everyone completed a different route.
Thanks to the setters, Luan and Andries Swart. Thank you also to the many people who helped in various ways to make the event a success - set up, take down, control collection, meet and greet, and more.

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Event Report: MetrO Series 9 Rockingham

Saturday 18th January, 2020 Rockingham2020 sarah

The weekend's trip down to Rockingham saw sun, sand, a number of lakes and a very strong south-westerly wind that tried to blow everything away at the start.  Competitors had slightly longer courses to get out to the interesting parts of the map and included long legs between controls to create route choice headaches in addition to a number of "traps" to lure the unwary into isolated controls.

Thanks to everyone for coming and hopefully it was an enjoyable and challenging event.

Extra thanks to Rachel West for the novice briefing and Luan and Andries Swart, Rob and Lois West, Carol and Ken Brownlie, Jan and Ian Fletcher, Sue and Jack Dowling and Graeme Harris for control collecting.  Thanks also to Ricky Thackray for the new map and the courses in what may be his last WA setting venture in the Metro Series before retiring to Victoria.

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Event Report: MetrO Series 8 Camillo

Saturday 11th January, 2020  Camillo2020Icecream

The first event for 2020 was on a new map in Kelmscott & Camillo in Perth's south east. Courses were set to maximise the park and bush area at John Dunn oval with many natural and man made features to use for control sites. All participants had to leave the reserve at some point to collect the required number of controls and many found the task of deciding which extras to collect quite challenging with several small bunches of controls located nearby that potentially led further into dead ends or required long loops to get around, so map awareness was a must!

Despite the lack of (unlocked) toilets and the warm afternoon, courses were well received and competitors enjoyed the challenge. Of particular interest was the ice cream truck that was persuaded to return when entrants were finishing their courses. This was most welcome and very well utilised! Perhaps we should organise ice cream trucks more often on warmer days. The MTBO socks were also a highly sought-after spot prize.

Many thanks to the mapper and setter, Ricky Thackray. Thanks also go to Rachel West, Melinda Richards, and Liam and Amy Dufty for admin assistance. Thank you to Rob Beattie, Sue and Jack Dowling, Andrea and Mason Eves, Hadrien Devillepoix, and Penny and Phil Dufty for control collection and post-event packup. And finally, thanks to all who came and helped make the event a success. Hope you enjoyed the icecreams!

Results are in Eventor.

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