Event Report: Bush 13 Marginata

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Spring sunshine drew regular orienteers and those looking for a family day out to the southern end of Marginata. Several large family groups enjoyed the E level course that took spectacular advantage of water was actually flowing in the main creek. On the harder courses mainly open running combined with pockets of complex rock made for some interesting loop courses.

While event day went smoothly, there were several challenges and false starts during the setting process. The original area was Calophylla, off Ridley Road, but after armchair setting the team expedition to hang the tapes was aborted as Ridley Road was flooded and badly eroded. Back to the drawing board (aka Purple Pen) and a reset of the courses using the southern end of Marginata which had provided open running three years ago post a fire. Now the higher parts of the Marginata map are very thick and courses in that area would have left competitors searching for controls in head high prickly moses.

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Event Report: Bush 12 Wundabiniring

Sunday, 05 September 2021

It was a Wundaful spring day with even the lakes on the Pony Road access track having shrunk to passable levels.  Fewer full members than expected attended but numbers were made up by more than twenty Casuals, one of whom was lucky enough to have her mobile phone retrieved by Ian Clayton from half way round her course.

There was some confusion when control description slips for a couple of courses did not always match the versions on the maps but courses were well planned to allow use of the network of tracks as well as more usual terrain features for the bolder (pun intended).
Plenty of beautiful wildflowers were photographed around the assembly area.

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Event Report: Bush 11 WA Club Relay Champs

Sunday, 29 August 2021

We were lucky with the weather - it rained heavily on the way to the event and then cleared. The courses, set by Jack and Paul, were complex. Competitors had to take care to tag the correct controls as there were nearly 50 controls in a compact area with many being on rock features. The Paterson's Curse was prolific - this made running harder and also concealed the many small rocks that tripped up a few orienteers. Despite these challenges, almost all competitors completed their courses. BO did have a clean sweep of the podium in the Open class, but the winning club is LOST by virtue of their extensive Masters teams. We hope LOST enjoys being custodians of the Rutty Rock trophy for the next 12 months.

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