Event Report: Abercorn Rd State Long Champs Bush 13

Sunday 22nd September 2019abercornRdChamps2019 womensWINNER

At first sight the Abercorn Road map is intimidatingly steep and green. Phillip Dufty designed courses
that minimized necessary climb and offered numerous routes options which could further reduce climb
and avoid much of the thick vegetation. Phil, with help from Penny Dufty and Mason Eves, and organizer
Ricky Thackray, presented a top-class, challenging event that was enhanced by perfect weather for
orienteering. Ian Fletcher kept a controller’s eye on proceedings.

The courses were unusually short for WA events but the winning times were generally close to
expectations, with Craig Dufty (running down from M45) winning the ‘time benchmark’ M21A class in
81 minutes. Veronica Vavrova is the W21 champion, with a similar time to Craig’s. The conditions proved
difficult for some people, resulting in a wide spread of finish times but several of the juniors travelling
east to represent WA showed their potential in unfamiliar terrain, and some of the seniors showed
what’s possible with experience on detailed maps. There was only one major mishap (a spiked ankle)
but Sarah will be fit to join the WA team this week.

This event was only possible because Jordan Elliot provided access through his property. We are
indebted to him and to Jack Dowling (caravan towing and Finish monitoring, despite recent surgery),
Melinda Richards (computing) and a large band of robust control collectors who returned to the slopes
and enabled us to clear the site shortly after 3pm.

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