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COVID-19 Level 2 Guidelines for OWA Events

With COVID-19 Level 2 requirements now in place in Western Australia, there are some guidelines that relate to community sport.

Our sport is relatively low-risk as it is outside and we don’t generally have close contact with other participants during the event, however, there are obviously still some risks.

Here is a summary of what relates to OWA and its participants:

  • We are considered a community sport and therefore have no limits to numbers of participants, as we are outdoors. We are also not required to show vaccination status.
  • However, we are not allowed to have spectators, except for close family members.
  • We are not required to wear masks as we are outdoors, however, any one of us could be considered a close contact of a person who finds they have COVID under the following scenarios:
    • You have a 15 minute face-to-face conversation/interaction with someone while not wearing a mask (or are within approximately 1m for 15 mins). This could occur when mingling before and after events or at coaching activities.
    • You are in a room with someone while not wearing a mask for 2 hours or more (unlikely in our situation).
    • If you become a close contact, you must isolate immediately and get a test asap as per Government requirements.
  • OWA is now required to contact our participants to let them know if someone at an event subsequently tests positive within 7 days of the event.

It is therefore strongly recommended that:

  • You do not attend an event if you, or family members, have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All participants and family members at an event wear masks when mingling before and after the event.
  • All event helpers/setters/admin etc. wear masks when in the presence of others.
  • Any participants who test positive within 7 days of being at an event or coaching/training, should notify a member of OWA Council as soon as possible after they know.


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