Metro Series

The Metro Series is held in and around metropolitan parks and reserves throughout the suburbs of Perth. Events are held between October and February, when it is too hot for events in the bush.

Metro Series Brochure 2017 - 2108 (PDF version)

Series Results for the 2017-2018 Season

These family and runner-friendly events are easily achievable by anyone who can read a street map. The long running Metro series attracts many regular participants, both members and non-members, and there is a briefing for newcomers before each event. Various courses are available, ranging from 3-8 km in length. There are weekly prizes for the course winners plus sponsors' draw prizes. Series winners in various classes are determined by points accumulated for the runner's best performances over the season.

Metro Series 2017-2018

Events are held on Saturday afternoons
This year all events will be held on Saturday afternoon from 5pm (for scatter events). Make sure to register from 4:15pm to be ready to go!

Both Score and Scatter Events available
A selection of events will be timed score events (and will use electronic punching) to keep the season interesting. There are four score events throughout the season that will use SportIdent punching so don't forget your SI tag!  If you don’t have an SI tag we’ll have some available for non-members. The type of event will be noted in the orienteering calendar as either Metro Series (standard scatter event) or Metro Score Event.  Standard events will use paper punch cards as per previous seasons. Learn more about how Score Events work.

Score events are NOT mass start and so you can begin immediately after registering if you so choose.  They will have a 60 minute time limit, recorded from the time you punch the start - you will get your map at the start but remember to be back on time or lose points. Scatter events will remain mass starts.  All events will earn points towards your season tally to earn the title of Metro Series champion.

Bike Category
This season we are introducing a bike category for people who do not like to run. This category will run in conjunction with the regular event although there will only be one course to choose from, typically of around 7-8km in length.

Longer Season
The season will now commence in late October and run right through until February to allow a small gap between the bush season and the summer season, so this is a great way to keep your training up over the summer!  Plus with more events there are also more chances to earn points for the series.

Want to get ready for an event and learn more?
For more information, including what happens at an event and a sample competition map, go to our Urban Event Guide page. Or why not check out the great Photos from this season or the Maps from events that show the winners route.

How to earn points in the Metro Series
Check the Metro Series 2017 -2018 Rules to see which course works best for you to earn points for the series awards.

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