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Orienteering - My Game

In 2017, SWOT's special events for enthusiasts aged 10 - 15 years,  ‘Orienteering – it's My Game’ finish on Sunday 26 March 2017.

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All events will take place at a school or park in the Bunbury area.
   3.30  Arrive and sign in
   4.00  Start
   4.45  Results and spot prizes
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The 2017 O-MG Series will be run at the same time/place as the SWOT Park&Street events.
This allows families to try our Club events while the O-MG is running.
The O-MG events are run in a supervised area with minimal or no roads to cross.
Parents/guardians/carers are advised that SWOT's Park&Street events involve crossing roads and young children are to be accompanied by a parent/guardian/carer.


What to bring: Sports wear, running shoes, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, snack and wrist watch.

Conduct at events
OWA draws to your attention the Orienteering Australia Code of Conduct which can be accessed using the following web address/link:

General Risk Warning:
Competing in an orienteering event is subject to risks. These include illness, injury or death due to rough terrain and obstacles; over-exertion; heat, cold or other adverse weather conditions; plant and animal life; and accidents with vehicles, other competitors or pedestrians. There are also risks that access to medical, evacuation or search services might be slow; and of damage to, or loss of personal property.
Risk Waiver:
Registration and payment for these events indicates that student/parent/guardian have read the general risk warning; that they are aware Orienteering is a recreational activity that can be dangerous and accept there is a degree of risk, and acknowledge that they participate in the series at their own risk. In registering for this series, students/parent/guardian release OWA, its affiliated clubs, members and all other parties associated with organising the event from any responsibility or legal liability associated with their presence at, and participation in, the O-MG Series orienteering events.

Entry for each event may be made on line via eventor.
All O-MG participants must become Junior (or Family) Members of OrienteeringWA and SWOT ($20) plus each event fee is $5.
Thus, complete Registration is $45 per participant.

Inclement weather (strong winds/rain) will not cause an event to be cancelled. In severe conditions undercover activities will be arranged at the venue.

Storage of registration / personal details:
The student’s personal details that are provided on Registration will be saved in the Eventor database, administered by Orienteering Australia. The student’s name and Club affiliation (SWOT) will be shown publically on the Internet in start lists and result lists for any competitions in which the student participates. The date of birth and neighbourhood of residence are visible when searching for duplicates. Other personal details are only available for yourself, your SWOT's administrator and the Eventor System Administrator, as long as you do not express your consent to the details being available publicly. In applying for registration it is implicit that you understand and accept the above conditions.

Photography / video recordings:
Before, during and after orienteering events, photographs and video footage may be captured. This may be used for promotion of orienteering and possible publication in the Australian Orienteer, national, state and club websites, club social media, newsletters and local media. SWOT and OWA will only use appropriate images of a child or groups of children, relevant to our sport and ensure that the child is modestly clothed. SWOT seeks the assistance of parents and guardians in being advised if they do not want images of their children taken, named or published.

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