Settlers Common, Armadale - Map Downloads

Armadale Homestead is a bushland area in the north-west corner of Armadale Settlers Common. The Common lies on the western edge of the Darling Range less than 2 km east of the Armadale City Centre.

Parking for those wishing to use the orienteering courses is available at the Environmental Centre which is in the Homestead area just off Albany Highway, or at Lions Park on the corner of Carradine Rd. and Albany Highway. The latter is recommended as it is a larger area and provides access to toilets, and the buildings at the Environmental Centre are out of bounds.

The area is relatively small, but hilly. The map scale is 1:4000 with 5m contour interval. There are some new mountain bike tracks, some with constructed jumps. These are not mapped.

Courses: There are 4 standard line courses available:

Starter: A very short introductory course with little climb (0.5km, 25m climb)
Easy: Basic navigation, with easiest route choices being along ‘handrails’ (track or fence) (1.2km, 65m climb)
Medium: Some legs require basic cross-country navigation (1.9km, 125m climb)
Long: Some harder cross-country legs and more route choices (2.5km, 140m climb)

There is also a scatter course with all 20 controls. The start and finish for all these courses is at the shelter just off Carradine Rd and north of Armadale Primary School. Other starts could be used by anyone prepared to design their own course using the existing control sites shown on the ‘all controls’ scatter course map. The safety bearing on all courses is west to Carradine Rd. or Albany Highway.

Information on the types of Control Markers and the Control Letter Codes, to check whether the course was completed correctly, are contained in the Anytime Orienteering Armadale Homestead Guide (PDF).

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