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Jorgensen Park was the site of the original Kalamunda Golf Club, which moved to Forrestfield in 1972. The terrain is thus a mixture of open areas (the old fairways) and bushland. Parts of it are quite hilly. As a public area it is used by hikers and mountain bikers and is popular with dog-walkers. There is a Learning Centre next to the parking area and orienteers are asked to stay away from this building and from private residences adjacent to the park.

Access to Jorgensen Park is on Crescent Road, off Mundaring Weir Road, 400 m east of the of the roundabout with Railway Road. Entry and parking are free. Toilets are located in a separate building to the west of the car park and Learning Centre.

Die-back has been found in the park and areas most affected have been marked with purple hatching as out of bounds on the map. Orienteers must not enter these areas and are asked to make use of the boot-cleaning facility located near the start/finish of courses. This is designed to prevent the spread of die-back.

Courses: There are 4 standard line courses available:

Starter: A very short introductory course with little climb; mostly following tracks, with changes of direction on some legs (1.1 km, 30 m climb).
Easy: Basic navigation, with easiest route choices being along tracks, with options to cut corners (2.5 km, 45 m climb).
Moderate: Some legs will be quicker with basic cross-country navigation (2.7 km, 60 m climb).
Hard: Some harder cross-country legs and route choices, and some more complex control sites (3.5 km, 120 m climb).

There is also a scatter course with all 20 controls. The start and finish for all these courses is at the northern corner of the playground near the Learning Centre. Other starts could be used by anyone prepared to design their own course using the existing control sites shown on the scatter course map.
The safety bearing for all courses is southwest.

Information on the types of Control Markers and the Control Letter Codes, to check whether the course was completed correctly, are contained in the Anytime Orienteering Jorgensen Park Guide (PDF).

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