Fremantle City Centre, Photo O - Map Downloads

Welcome to beautiful, historic Fremantle, a port city near Perth.

Fremantle is one of the oldest colonial settlements in Western Australia. Founded in 1829, it has taken pride in preserving its heritage. It is also a thriving modern city with a strong artistic community as evidenced by the statues and street art that you will see when you explore the area.

In this detailed map you will find 42 checkpoints and 42 corresponding photos. The goal is to visit each checkpoint and match the location with the corresponding photo. These photos show details of buildings, paintings etc. We didn’t make it too easy by providing photos of the whole object! You may start wherever you like and when you think you have found the correct photo for each location, write the number of the location in the white circle on each photo.

The map scale is 1: 10,000 – this means that one centimetre on the map represents one hundred metres on the ground. There is no time limit, so take your time to enjoy discovering Fremantle.
Suggested start (indicated by purple triangle) is the Carriage Cafe, Esplanade Reserve

If you want to check your answers after you have finished you can download the answer sheet.

There is no time limit, so take your time to enjoy discovering Fremantle.

Complete the form to access the map download page and download your PDF map and Photo sheets for the Fremantle City Centre Photo O.

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