What is Anytime Orienteering?

Anytime orienteering provides free maps of urban and bushland areas in WA that allow you to enjoy an orienteering course and try out your map-reading and navigation skills at a time that is convenient to you. All of the map areas have options that range in distance and physical demand. Some maps have been checked for suitability for people with limited mobility. These are designated in the list of ATO maps by the wheelchair symbol locationsymbol wheelchair.

There are several main types of maps:

  1. “Line course maps”. These are typical orienteering maps of bushland or park areas that have a marked start and finish and permanent markers at defined features (control points) between the start and finish, which must be visited sequentially. For most areas there are multiple suggested courses suitable for both newcomers and experienced orienteers. There is also a scatter course which allows you to visit controls in any order, starting and finishing where convenient. The scatter course map can also be used to create your own line courses
  2. “Photo maps”. These show an urban area where it is not possible to put up permanent markers. Control points are marked by a circle on the map. The map sheet also has photos of the features at the control sites. The orienteer must select the photo that matches each control site. These are ‘all control’ maps in scatter course format.
  3. “Quiz maps”. These are similar to Photo maps but, instead of matching photos with each control site, you must answer a question about what is there.
  4. “Mobile phone linked maps”. These are orienteering maps that can be accessed in hard copy or on your phone. They use MapRun, an Australian-developed phone app (available in iOS and Android), that is free to use. MapRun uses your smartphone for timing and to check that you have visited all the controls. The control points are located by GPS coordinates stored in the app – there are no markers on the ground. Your smartphone identifies when you have reached your control point with a loud beep, and the MapRun app screen will show your time and progress. These may offer line or ‘all control’/scatter courses.

The following instructions will help you get underway.

How do I get the map?

A list of current map locations is available and new locations are occasionally added. The list has links to the corresponding maps that can be downloaded, or information on where to collect maps (e.g. information booths).

After selecting a location you can download the maps and print the course(s) you want to try. Downloads are free but we require that you register before downloading the map. This allows us to understand patterns of use of our Anytime Orienteering courses and will help us provide more options in the future.

We recommend that you print the map in colour to enable you to use the map legend easily to identify features on the map and make your orienteering more enjoyable.

How do I start a course?

The starting point for each line course is marked by a triangle ocadsymbol start on the map. For photo maps and other ‘all control’ maps, the start is optional.

Control points are marked on the map by numbered purple circles. For line and quiz maps, a description of each feature in the control circle is listed on the map. (See example from a bush map below.) 

Short Course, Length 1.2km

Start SW corner of building
1.   309 Bend in track
2.   318 E side of shelter
3.   305 Track junction
4.   326 Gate
5.   301 Built object (statue)
6.   327 Track junction
7.   317 S outside corner of fence
8.   304 SW side of bridge
Navigate 100m to Finishcontrol marker example2

For line courses, the control points are marked by red and white markers that have been installed on or beside each feature (see photo on right). Each control marker has an identification number (as listed in the control description) and a two letter code. Once you have located your control marker write the two letters in the answer box on the map next to the control number. When you have finished your chosen course you can try another course or design your own.

On scatter courses, controls are visited in any order. The way to ensure you have reached the correct control for photo, quiz and mobile phone linked maps is to check against the answer sheet which can be downloaded when you download your map.

The finish for line maps is indicated on the map by a double circle ocadsymbol finish. It may be at the same point as the start in which case the circles will overlap the start triangle.

Before starting a mobile-linked course you will need to download and install the free MapRun app from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. When the app is on your smartphone, enter your user details and accept the user agreement. See also Quick Guide to MapRun.

If you are new to orienteering, our Tips for Orienteering can help you get underway.


Orienteering WA would like to acknowledge funding from the Australian Sports Commission and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries as well as enabling support from the landholders and managers in each of the map areas.


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Acknowledgement of country

Noongar country logo 2023 150pxNgalak kaaditj nidja Noongar Boodjar. Koora-Yeyi-Kalyakool.

Orienteering WA acknowledges the Noongar people, the Traditional and continuing Custodians of the land on which we gather to enjoy our sport, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.