OWA Policies

These policy documents outline the way Orienteering WA works with its sponsors, members, participants, volunteers and other stakeholders to maintain a safe, active and vibrant orienteering community.


The Operational Manual of Orienteering Australia (OA) is a working document that provides guidance for the management and administration of orienteering within Australia. 

A link to OA's Operational Manual is here.  This displays the index, and individual sections are available to download in pdf format.

Member Protection Policy

OA has developed and implemented a Member Protection Policy, based on the templates provided over time by the Australian Sports Commission to provide guidelines for the protection of the health, safety and wellbeing of members of its constituent State and Territory Associations and affiliated Clubs and all who participate in orienteering activities throughout Australia.  

OA Member Protection Policy

Codes Of Conduct

Part B of the OA Member Protection Policy, plus accompanying Appendicies, covers Codes of Conduct. 
In addition to a General Code of Conduct, there are additional Codes of Conduct specifically for coaches, officials, participants, volunteers, parents (re Under 18s) and spectators.
For convenience, the relevant extracts are available below:

OA Codes of Conduct


In addition to the policies above, OWA has developed its own policies and procedures for the governance of its activities in Western Australia.

OWA Policy Indentification Procedure (2020)

OWA Child Protection Policy (2018)

OWA Communications Policy (2017)

OWA Concussion Policy (2016)

OWA Environment Policy (2021)

OWA Extreme Weather Events Policy (2012)
      supplemented by Sports Medicine Australia Hot Weather Guidelines

OWA Financial Policy re Event Officials' Other Expenses (2016)

OWA Financial Policy re Travel Expenses for Officials (2015)

OWA Funded Roles Policy and Guidelines (2018)

OWA Health Policy (2019)

OWA Risk Management Policy (2019)

WA Schools Team Selection Policy (2020)

OWA Western Nomads Policy (2018)

OWA Sponsors

Australian Sports Commission
Department of Local Government,Sport and Cultural Industries