OWA Council

OWA Council

Orienteering Western Australia is managed by the OWA Council. The Executive comprises the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Council also includes Convenors with specific portfolios (e.g. coaching, mapping, technical, promotions) and general members.

Any member of Orienteering Western Australian is eligible to attend any meeting of the Council, as an observer, and may only speak on the invitation of the meeting chair. If you are interested in attending an upcoming OWA Council meeting please contact the Association Secretary for the next meeting date, time and location.

Management Structure and OWA Committees

OWA Council Member Duty Statements

OWA Constitution

Council Minutes:

In response to member requests for more transparency in council operations, the minutes from each council meeting are posted online. If you require further information or specific reports, please request this from our Administration directly.

2012: AGM | February | May | June | July | August | October | November | December

2013: AGM | February | April | June | July | Special Meeting | August | October | November

2014: AGM | January | March | May | June | July | August | October | December

2015: AGM | February | March | April | June | July September November | 2015 Annual Report |

2016: AGM | February | March | April | June | JuneAugust | SeptemberNovember | December | 2016 Annual Report

2017: AGM | February | March | April | May | June | July | September | October | November | December

2018: March |

Council Elections:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM), held each autumn near the beginning of the bush season, is an opportunity for all members to review OWA's activities and to elect office bearers for the coming year.

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